Rest and Restoration
An Opportunity To Recharge & Restore
When The Most Profound Healing Takes Place
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Rest & Restoration
3 Hr Group Workshop

10-05-2017 6:30 pm -9:30 pm

What you get:

  • A night to unwind with girlfriends, discover new ways to destress, recharge and get a better night’s sleep. Essential oils, breathing techniques, mindfulness and yoga poses will be discussed and class will end with restorative yoga and meditation. This 3 hour class will leave you feeling recharged and renewed.

  • *** Bring pillows, blankets and an optional eye-mask to class.  

Price: $50.00

IMPORTANT: Payments are made on day of Event via Cash or Check.
Payments can also be made via Venmo by clicking HERE or using your smartphone Venmo App.