Intentional Fitness
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Intentional Fitness
6 Weeks to Lift Program with optional Elimination Program
Intentional Fitness owners, Amy Ragon and Kim Wyatt are committed to helping you lose weight and increase your energy in a way that fits into your lifestyle. This is not a rigid program, is flexible and can be done online from the comfort of your home or local gym.

This program will assist you to fuel your body well, exercise intentionally and enjoy life. The six week program includes your workouts for the week, nutritional guidelines, prayer, devotions, accountability, support and encouragement.

While they are committed to helping you reach your weight loss goals, they also want to help you grow spiritually as well. This program provides for both your physical and spiritual needs, so you will be strengthened from the inside out.

Intentional Fitness has teamed up with Rosy McCann, HHC, AADP, a Holistic Health and Nutrition Consultant, to provide nutritional counseling during 6 Weeks to Lift. Rosy has developed an elimination diet to identify food sensitivities that are impeding your weight loss. Stop following the latest fad and find out what foods are best for YOU.

10% of all proceeds go to support
The Heart of Whimsy.